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Rent Canoes. Rent Kayaks. Rent Tubes. And get a FREE ride back to your vehicle...

Come alone or bring a large group. Everyone is welcome!

Hours: Daily 8:30am to 6:30pm

Discover how you can get the best Kickapoo River rental experience only with Kickapoo Wild Adventures…

50,000 Rentals
July 23, 2022

We've rented over 50,000 canoes,tubes and kayaks!

Full-Service Rentals & More

Just look for this sign on HWY 131 (1 mile north of Ontario)…

  • Rent canoes, kayaks & tubes to float down the Kickapoo River
  • Get your equipment carried for you to the water (even your cooler from your vehicle upon request)
  • Get assistance getting into your canoe, kayak or tube

And speaking of shuttle service…

Free & Quick Shuttle Service with Rental

  • We pick you up and return you to the starting point once you’ve reached your destination
  • Minimize your wait time. Pickups are typically within 20 minutes
  • We’ve got 5 mini-buses dedicated to pick you up quickly

Want comfort? We got your back (literally)!

  • Every canoe we rent comes with a manufacturer’s built-in backrest (don’t settle for those add-on contraptions)
  • Backrest is guaranteed in every canoe rental (no waiting around for one to return)
  • 84 new canoes for 2020
  • All canoes are cleaned after every use

Here’s what kind of canoe you take down the Kickapoo when you rent from us..

Discovery 158 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak – For over 30 years the Discovery 158 has been one of our best selling canoes. If you’re looking for a tough and rugged canoe, the Discovery 158 is it! Our Three Layer construction is designed to take a beating. But, the Discovery 158 is also designed to perform well on the water. Agile, stable and easy to handle, the Discovery 158 is a nice choice for the outdoor enthusiast.

4.2 stars from

“We deliberately keep our shop smaller to give you the best customer service available on the river. Our #1 focus is making sure you have a good time.”

Shaun Budde, Owner , Kickapoo Wild Adventures

Call / text message pick up!

  • Your rental is for the whole day – You decide how long you want to stay on the water
  • Just call or text us when you are ready to get picked up and we’ll be there for you (if you don’t have a phone, we can make other arrangements for you)
  • Note: We do require all rentals to be out of the water at 6 p.m.

Get your valuables protected for FREE…

  • We offer a free key-check service so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys
  • We provide free Ziplocs to keep your mobile devices dry

More river. More relaxing.


  • Because we’re the first canoe, kayak, and tube rental shop at the top of the river, you get more time on the water
  • Less people on the water as you begin your journey
  • Our starting position gives you approximately 2 hours of tubing or 30 minutes of canoeing, before you start meeting up with other groups along the river

Quality Rental Equipment

  • No expense spared on equipment. Top quality canoes, kayaks and tubes to give you the best river excursion
  • We are meticulous about keeping our rental equipment in great working condition and appearance. We have staff on hand that cleans equipment after every use
  • Life jackets included with every rental

Caretakers of the river

  • We remove log jams, mow landings and voluntarily collect trash
  • Our goal is to make sure you have fun, so we do what it takes to make that happen

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