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Kickapoo Canoe Rental

Rent the best canoes on the Kickapoo…

  • New for 2020, 84 brand new Old Town Discovery 158 canoes.
  • All of our canoes come with backrests on the seats and we were the first canoe rental to offer that in our area. If you haven’t used them yet, you’ll never go without after you do. They are super comfy and you’re able to lean back a little instead of being hunched over in a canoe that doesn’t have the backrests. Come experience them for yourself.
  • They are 15 feet 8 inches long and weigh about 87 pounds
  • The canoes come equipped with two contoured seats with backrests. The front seat also has a cup holder
  • The price to rent a canoe is only $50, and it’s yours for the duration of your entire trip. You can pick from trips ranging from 30 minutes (1 mile) all the way to 6 hours (14 miles) for day trips, with all the breaks and stops you desire in between
  • Ideally two people per canoe, but small kids can sit in the middle of the boat
  • After every use we hand wash the canoes whether they need it or not. By doing this, it insures that our canoes are the cleanest on the Kickapoo

Did you know: Since opening in 2010, we have purchased more than 463 canoes and kayaks. No expense spared in equipment.

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