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Policies & Rules

Reservation Policy:

Advanced reservations must be pre-paid in order to hold your rentals.

Any cancellations made within less than a 36-hour notice from your planned departure time will result in refunds in the form of gift certificates for what you have paid for, ie: canoes, kayaks, and tubes.

The only exception is if we are CLOSED due to weather and or high river level conditions.

This policy is something I don’t take lightly, but due to the large number of no call, no shows and groups over booking, we are forced to turn away others who are wanting to use our services.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

– Shaun Budde


Rental Equipment Policy:

You are responsible for the equipment you are renting from KWA.

If you break it, lose it, rip it, bend it, or whatever, you will have to pay for it. No Exceptions!!

Help KWA keep your prices low.

We have the very best equipment available on the Kickapoo River and I want to keep it that way.


Rental Service Policy:

KWA reserves the right to limit or refuse service to anyone at any time.

Rules of the River:

1. No glass bottles allowed!
People go barefoot out here, so please use aluminum cans and / or plastic bottles only.

2. No littering, bring out what you bring in.
It came from your cooler, so put it back in your cooler when you’re done. This is a very special river. Let’s keep it that way.

3. Be respectful of others using the river.
The Kickapoo has become very popular, let’s make sure everyone has a good trip down it.

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