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Kickapoo Kayak Rental

We upgraded our entire fleet of kayaks in 2024.

  • 48 Old Town Loon 111 kayaks, making KWA a leader in kayak rentals
  • The kayaks are 11 feet long and weigh 45 pounds
  • They come equipped with an adjustable seat back, a cup holder, the Glide Track foot brace system, and a large roomy cockpit
  • Soft sided coolers fit really well behind the seat. As do small lunchbox style coolers. Come check them out
  • Bring a pair of sunglasses, because these kayaks are bright!
  • All of our kayaks are single person and come with a 84-inch long straight double bladed kayak paddle
  • We recommend that no riders over 250lbs, because the bottoms are V-shaped and no one wants to spend their trip dragging down the river
  • The price to rent a kayak is $40, and it’s yours for the duration of your entire trip. You can pick from trips ranging from 30 minutes (1 mile) all the way to 6 hours (14 miles) for day trips, with all the breaks and stops you desire in between.

Did you know: After every use we hand wash the kayaks whether they need it or not. By doing this, it insures that our kayaks are the cleanest on the Kickapoo. We also added a new 50×30 foot wash pad area to make the process faster and more effective.

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